3000  All day or night sans alarm clock
2500  Overnight 12hrs
2000  Dinner up to 6hrs
1500  4hr lunch or dinner

1200   3hrs
900    2hrs
700    90min
500    hr

(currently unavailable) USA

All night 3500
We dine 2500

3 hours 2000
2 hours 1500
90 min 1000


All day or night 2000
We dine 1500

3 hours 1000
2 hours 700
1 hour 400


All day or night 2000
We dine 1200

3 hrs 800
2 hrs 600
90min 450


What do you look like?
Picture a smiling 5’3” slim, mixed Asian beauty. My hair is dark and long. With unbelievably soft skin and natural full curves melded over firm yoga strength. You're guaranteed to be turned on while I'm having fun showing off. 

Face pic?
I hide my pretty face from law enforcement, border guards and all the other myriad avenues of stigma.
Such a pity too. Anyway, I love the surprised delight on your own face the first time we meet.

How old are you?
Just over thirty but fortune and blessed genes have me looking in my twenties.

Tattoos or piercings?
I have one tattoo and the same holes in my ears that my grandmother gifted me when I was nine to the horror of my loving mother.

Where are you right now? Are you currently in Toronto/SF? 
Oh gosh, I’m a bird. Check my Twitter or landing page for my current location. For privacy reasons, I won't post most travel dates. So, to be kept in the know, get pre-screened and I'll be sure to stay in touch.

What will time with you be like?
I love my life and it shows when you're with me. My charming, down to earth personality warms most company quickly which allows for our chemistry to find the spaces where our interests overlap.
From my side it’ll be sexy, confident, caring and playful. But really, you’ll just have to put yourself out there and find out. 
What will you bring to our time together? Are you a sensual tiger? 
Perhaps you'd benefit from a lesson in pleasure? Let me indulge my eager experimental sex nerd. 
How about some kinky power play? I’m particularly talented at immersing us in role-play scenarios that allow my dirty mouth to run away. You'll find yourself telling me your once secret fantasies soon.
Or, we keep it classic and get to know each other over dinner in my appropriate and pretty dress. We get dessert to go then indulge in all the gratification we've delayed. 

Who are you attracted to?
Kindness and maturity. Otherwise, I've found myself attracted by people of all genders and ethnicities, but especially the curious thinkers. Perhaps even shy, but open to showing a brave vulnerability. Telling me a secret, preferably dirty. I'm honoured when you allow me a peek behind the curtain.

Oh my, yes! As a voyeur and exhibitionist, this combination sets me ablaze with a couple. Watching your dynamic then inventively injecting my own is pure magic every time. If there's anything I can peacock about, it's making a lady feel like a raging orgasmic goddess. Bring her to me and you'll never regret it. I welcome a phone call to discuss the many possibilities. 

How delightful. Here’s a quick read to get you started. It's ok if you're nervous too. Nerves quickly melt into excitement once we meet. You’re going to have a great time. I like playing teacher, so we can even have fun and make it instructional. If you’ve never seen a companion and therefore don’t have a reference, you’ll have to pass alternate screening.

Yes, absolutely. I’m so glad you asked. The mind is connected to body, so start the foreplay by setting mine at ease with two recent independent companion references and/or a P411 ID with at least two recent reputable references. Employment screening is possible via a web presence with your name and/or a well-established LinkedIn page.

Same day?
If it’s your very lucky day. We likely know each other or I’ve already chatted with your glowing references. I will try my best to make it work because it pleases me when you wake up with the thirst to see me and crawl back into bed satisfied that same night. 

May I take you out to dinner?
For sure! Spoil me with gourmet butter or cozy up somewhere cool, quiet and discrete. Let's flirt and start getting aroused over captivating conversation and yummy sustenance. It's the ideal way to foster a budding relationship with me. As it happens often, if we find ourselves wanting to extend the absorbing evening we can usually arrange to do so and part of your rate may be applied to the extension. 

Weekend away?
I hope so! Let’s get better acquainted over a date first or if we’re currently far apart, a phone call to feel out the potentials.

Yes please, it’s a passion of mine. In fact I’ve just started to blog some travel moments. I’m frequently looking to practice my German in Berlin and Vienna so inquire about a lucky bonus should you wish to meet me in either of these cities. Otherwise, send me your travels details at least a couple weeks ahead and we’ll see what we can plan. A deposit will include travel expenses and I will book my own flights.

Why thank you! Only if it also pleases you...
- Mmm, how about you bring us some fresh organic fruit or other tasty nibbles to share
- It's always fun when you tip me with explicit instructions to buy myself something nice and tell you about it
- My next favourite would be an Air Canada gift card to sponsor my love for travel
- Or, have a look at some wish list specifics for a peek at my style

This one's tough. I'm not a fan of review sites because reading explicit details written about a date leaves me feeling non-consensually exposed no matter how glowing they all are. I don't buy into their necessity and I've read enough stories of people being exploited to not want to further support or endorse their use. You could of course easily search for my stellar existing reviews, but why not trust your own intuition, it's brought you this deep into me already. Discretion is what allows us to play as hard as we work. Most people I choose to meet don't feel the need to brag or kiss and tell to strangers anyway. I do however appreciate when you follow up to send me a personal email because writing is a feel good way to reflect and celebrate. Let's call it a Love letter. If you feel inclined, I invite you to write me and perhaps we'll share it anonymously on my blog.

Sliding scale
All too often queerswomen (this must include trans women), trans men, and genderqueer people are underemployed and/or underpaid. Therein lies my dilemma, because I especially want to be hired by you. Solution? Sliding scale rate and time. If you have a disability and a sliding scale would make my service more accessible, this is also for you.  Are you a sex worker? You bet I want to service you too. 

What else do you do?
I run a business, develop and teach pleasure based sex education workshops, study, enjoy teaching yoga to beginners, work on art, explore bodies, study trauma psychology, work on my spirit, live life.

What’s a pleasure based sex educator?
For me it’s sex and body positive sexual knowledge to support access to as much sexual pleasure as you desire. A lot of intersecting stuff pops up when talking about the spaces between bodies and power; the erotic is one path of processing and healing. What's new is that I now proudly teach as an out sex worker and get to pull from what I’ve learned in working and advocating for sex. Hooking up with this sex educator is like a lesson in consent as much as pleasure and leaves you a better lover. I'm about meeting people where they're at and trying my best not to make assumptions (which hopefully encourages you to seek past your own!). There’s no end goal. There's no best way for you to be sexual. Just aiming to free ourselves of shame, explore our desires and cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships with our own sexuality with kindness, compassion and integrity. If you came here for my pleasure coaching or education, click here.