Hello Lover,

I’m so glad you’ve found me. We’ve likely not met yet. How great that you’re also looking for an interesting date/girlfriend experience/friend you’ll care to keep. I’m a glorious companion; like a cheerleader rooting for our pleasure and shameless living.

It’s fitting that as a young perv I recorded my voice repeating “baby, sexy, baby, sex” on a My First Sony and now teach workshops like Dirty Talking Skills from a Professional and make erotic art. And it turns out, this creative imagination is ideal for hot consensual fantasy role play too.

Pleasure Matters

Celebrating our bodies in sexy ways and revelling in feeling good is not only fun but fulfilling. Pleasure & intimacy are basic human needs that I passionately promote and luxuriously bestow. I enjoy meeting people of all genders and stories interested in exploring bodies, connection and mutual pleasure.

I'm a lifelong expat, with a throbbing passport. My friendly personality was raised in Toronto before my adventurous adolescent spirit grew to adulthood in the bay area of California. Next my Korean-bred entrepreneurial mind was trained in a fancy b-school but managed to survive its corruption. I’ve since returned to make Toronto my home-base but you’ll often find me spending months at a time back in San Francisco, Berlin or on an adventure abroad. 

feel good about me, I do. feel good about yourself.

I'm the real deal. Since becoming an independent escort & travel companion, I've been living out my wildest dreams shamelessly. So why not join me in making your reality better than fantasy?

Be curious, keep checking me out. Find the artsy videos in the galleries. Read the FAQ’s for more about me and the potential for our date. Then, get in touch if we fit because we have some good times to catch up on.


pleasure coach
inspiring artist,
nerdy teacher,
shameless pervert,
humble student,
born rebel,
proud slut,
good girl,
fantasy porn star,
intuitive healer,
worthy queen,

Pearl Love Lee