Happy New Year bosom Lover by Pearl Lee


Short 2016 to do list:

  1. Facilitate a girl’s dream gang bang; from picking the players to negotiating the bang
  2. Teach Dirty Talking Skills from a Professional to sex workers again
  3. Attend and facilitate workshops at Desiree Alliance conference (seeking sponsor)
  4. Acquire a decent used camera and learn how to use it
  5. Watch more (post)porn
  6. Make more (post)porn

I am so excited about all the magic I feel coming my way in 2016 and look forward to celebrating with you throughout the new year. Until then, enjoy these photos and video from my new gallery.



I have this roleplay fantasy where you see me dancing in a window. You're a tourist, curiously wandering the red light district in Amsterdam. Just looking. But then, you see me. You like my moves, I hold your attention. I'm wearing fishnet stockings in sky high heels with a wicked smile. You ask, how much? I respond, How much for what? We negotiate the service and price. I open the window and you step through to the other side of the curtain...

I have many fantasies involving trading sex, stripping, bachelor party lap dance, porn star performance, wife wants a new fur coat, ferocious Domina. I'm happily living one such fantasy now. 

Have you ever imagined being a male escort/rent boy/high class gigolo?
Could be fun, I'd play that game with you. Let me hire you.