Love Letters to Pearl / by Pearl Lee

You know that adrenalized feeling after an especially thrilling date when you immediately want to call someone and tell them all about it, or write every exciting detail in your diary? Isn't that desire to share the reason we run to write to Dear Forum? It's why we draft our post in our heads while still on route home. There's a celebration happening here. I love that!

If you've read my FAQ about review forums, you know I'm not a fan. Which is too bad, because in addition to publicly toasting a pleasurable occasion, reviews are good for business (for me) and finding the next dream date (for you). I'm a fantastic date and enlightened company so often my clients will write me the loveliest follow up emails about how they were impacted by our time together. 

So, I've decided a nice way to share these experiences with you, while bypassing icky forums, would be to include what I'll call Love Letters here in my blog. Fun right? I'll only ever post your words with permission and always anonymously. 

How generous of you to write and us to share, a little slice of our heaven with readers here...


Dear Pearl,

Spending time with you is so much more than a casual encounter. You refer to yourself as a sex nerd and this is fitting; your encyclopaedic knowledge of all things sex and pleasure is impressive and it's certainly made me a more confident and better lover.  Your natural curiosity and vivid imagination opens up plenty of opportunities to explore different forms of pleasure. This combination of intellectual and sexual stimulation is extremely gratifying.

Your passion and positive energy are infectious. You love to please and be pleased and it comes across in the way you giggle when I whisper in your ear, or the way you scream at the top of your lungs when you cum. I'm not necessarily the most exuberant person, but I can't help but soak in all of your positive energy and I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face during our sessions. 

I always leave our sessions feeling confident and empowered. You've enlightened my mind and opened up a whole new world of pleasure I didn't know existed until I met you. I have become a more evolved and open minded lover as a result of our sessions and I can't thank you enough for that. I'm so glad I met you and I sincerely hope others will get the opportunity to enjoy your company as well.