Dear Pearl... by Pearl Lee

Dear Pearl,

We met during both of your workshops here in Berlin a few months ago. I had originally signed up for the blow job skills and was so excited by your lecture and wonderful self that I immediately registered for the Loving the Ass(whole) workshop.

I just want to say that both classes were immeasurably helpful and have made a huge positive impact in my sex life. In particular the anal sex workshop.

I had almost no experience with anal sex when I attended, and I had no idea where to start. Any articles I found gave the same advice that hadn’t worked for me.

Well, after attending your workshop, taking detailed notes (I’m a nerd like that) and studying them, I wanted to share with you that I (and my very excited partner) successfully implemented all your strategies and tips and had my very first and extremely enjoyable/fun/amazing/pleasurable anal sex experience!

I cannot thank you enough! Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly believe the work you’re doing is so important and much needed in our world. Please keep it up!

It feels funny to share this, but I have to. To the few people I can talk to about this, I’m sending them all your way whenever you’re back in Berlin and giving more workshops.

Thanks again!